Photo Gallery

Catholic Identity Contest  Winner 
Demi Lara

The Staten Island CYO 11th Annual Community
Awards Recognition Celebration
"Parish of the Year"
"The Margaret M. Gioiosa Memorial Scholarship"


8th Grade Altar Servers

8th Grade Edible Cell Projects

4th Grade Pet Rock Project

3 year old celebrating Dr. Seuss!

2nd Grade with their Ash Wednesday Artwork!

Kindergarten agrees with Staten Island Chuck - no shadow - Spring is Coming!

6th Grade Mummy Wrap

8th Grade Historical Twin Day

7th Grade Historical Twin Day

4th Grade Crazy Hat Day

Class 3-2 Mosaic Art

Kindergarten celebrating Baptism with Msgr. Finn

5th Grade Celebrated their Heritage with T-Shirts!

1-1 Snowman Soup 

3-1 Historical Person Day

3rd & 4th Jump for Heart

2-1 with Art Projects

3-2 Historical Person Day 

3year olds celebrating Ground Hog Day!

7 & 8th Grade Saint Doors
for Catholic Schools Week

4th Grade Book Reports

Catholic Schools Spelling Bee

Luke  Sypniewski and Piraveena Vijakuymar

During the season of Advent the children in 4-2 place pieces of "straw" in a box. Each piece of straw represents a good deed or random act of kindness performed in school that day. On Christmas Eve, those good deeds become a bed for Baby Jesus. Their behavior determines how soft or hard the bed will be, how well prepared they are to welcome Jesus on Christmas.

2nd Grade Students Love to Read!

4th Grade Series and Parallel Circuits

3rd & 4th Grade Annual
Radio City Trip

The Fifth grade had a great time learning about cyclones
 and then creating one in a bottle in Mrs. Laub's science class


Installation of New Altar Servers

2016 Presidential Election!

4th Grade Book Presentations

3rd & 4th Grade at Wemrock Farms

Firefighters Arpaia, Murray and Reonegro with Class 2-2

Class 1-2 learned all about pumpkins!

Fire Safety with Lt. Keag and Firefighter Hamilton
Class 2-1