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Welcome to Blessed Sacrament School 

Pre-K 3 & 4 Year Old Programs, K through 8th Grades

An AdvancED Accreditation School

Since 1925 Blessed Sacrament School has served the North Shore of Staten Island by providing an environment that recognizes the diversity of gifts and talent found in our community.  Blessed Sacrament School offers a learning environment that recognizes the individuality and talents of each student.

Our School At A Glance

AdvancEd Accreditation; Pre K 3 and 4 year programs with flexible 3 and 5 day options; Kindergarten through 8th grade, After-care and early drop off available; Peer Tutoring; Title 1 Services; Art Class (pre K 4 -2nd grade); Italian (grades 3-8); Speech Services; Smart Board Technology in Every Classroom; After School Programs for Art and Drama; In-School Band Program; CYO Sports - Baseball, Basketball, Soccer, Swimming, Track.

Our Mission

Blessed Sacrament School is dedicated to providing an atmosphere of love, trust and care among students.  Our mission is to teach the Gospel message, to build community life in the Church and to provide service to our community.  Blessed Sacrament School provides students with a Christian foundation as it assists students to develop spiritually, emotionally, academically, physically, academically, and socially.   

What we Live by:

"Preach the Gospel at all times.  When necessary, use words."
                          St. Francis of Assisi

Here at Blessed Sacrament, our ultimate priority is to create an environment where our students know that they are loved and cared for by all.  As educators, our first priority is to be role-models for the impressionable students entrusted in our care.  As a Catholic Institution, we put Christ first in both our actions and our teachings.  We encourage and welcome the daily visits by our pastor, Monsignor Finn and our parish priests, Fr. Frank and Fr. Roby.  Academically, we strive to provide our students with the best education possible, preparing them for the grade ahead and ultimately high school.  Discipline breeds success and we encourage positive reinforcement and opt to teach rather than punish as our first avenue towards correcting negative behavior or actions.  In sum, it is our philosophy that children will not only succeed, but excel if they are comfortable in their environment.  It is our goal to provide that environmnet and challenge them beyond their own expectations!

What Blessed Sacrament is:

"Blessed Sacrament is not just a school, it's a family.  It's a place where you're not afraid to be yourself.  You learn
in an environment filled with fun and happiness.  The students never hesitate to ask questions and the teachers
never hesitate to help a student in need.   The students are friendly and always welcoming to one another.
Overall, Blessed Sacrament is a school where you won't just learn, you'll excel, and you'll be happy doing it."
Julianna Meyer, Class of 2015

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Blessed Sacrament School

In the News!

A true example of our faith infused curriculum. The 4th Grade students and their teachers, Mrs. Belford and Mrs. Martin hosted the Kisses for the Author-A Narrative Expo, today. The 4th grade students read their stories to a gathering of family members. For the benefit of St. Jude's Children's Research hospital, notes with "kisses" (Hersey) were purchased by the families for the student authors. The students raised over $ 200! Reading, writing, oral presentation and religion were combined to create a wonderful assembly! Here are just a few pictures of the day. NY1 visited us too!!  UPDATE:  The students had a raffle in school, and a winner was picked - our own 7th grade teacher, Mrs. DeBenedetto!  So the students now raised a total of $406 for St. Jude's Children's Hospital! 


Our Invention Convention on NY1

Invention Convention